About Us


It all started with lots of crafting during a time with seriously ill kids. It's great to have something to do with your hands when you feel restless, like when you're waiting in hospitals.🏥 Coping through Crafting it's called, and it works! 

A bit of knitting and crocheting wasn't new: My grandmother taught me how to knit when I was 4, and after that first red doll's scarf🧣there was no stopping me: During midschool I knitted vests and mittens for my friends, sometimes during lectures actually, hm...


The idea sprouted, to do something with that.

We - two daughters and I - had been looking at great craftsmanship stands on Medeaval & fantasy festivals for years:

With our / my craft as a stand-holder at festivals, that seemed completely awesome. I am a sociologist & coach, in everyday life a part-time badminton 🏸 trainer & mental coach - how would that all fit together?


Perfectly, as it turned out:

My coping mechanisme + knowledge and tools from my coach-life combined in designing and making friendly products, meant - among other things - to help others copen. The ideal second part-time job!


We started working on that, great fun: one daughter crochets and writes, the other is think-tank and festival stand crew. And at Castlefest everything and everybody comes together, because there I was base-camp for my girls and their festival friends, and now with our own stand!👏


Then came covid19🦠

The festivals were cancelled, badminton too. Finding new solutions, walking new paths (again):

Learning how to build a webshop was an interesting challenge, again with input from my girls ánd from many other people: If you ask kindly, it's amazing how willing people are to help. The process of keeping a small company like ours upright is never-ending - luckily that goes for the support of so many people in all kinds of ways as well, and that is incredibly beautiful and very, very nice! 🙏


So here we are.

The webshop is staying!

The festivals, we're looking forward to them - whenever they will be possible again! 🏰🎶


Thank you for reading our storyl 🧶🧡

Stinne 😊