We're crazy about making items that are both practical and pretty. We find that these two qualities work great together. That's why we made this collection meant for outside use, to make the outdoor season longer, in a nice way.


Sit-mats - Perfect for life outdoors, and beautiful, too! We have two kinds of mats, both fulled (felted after crocheting) but with different backs: round, waterproof mats, and square, moisture-resistant mats.


Bottle-carriers - They can be hung on your belt, or just carried in your bag. The carriers are very strong and insulating by the used material and the development process: cold water in a standard water bottle will remain chilled for four hours longer on a summer day - we actually tested this.


Cutlery-Bags - These are the cutest little bags with cutlery (knife, fork, spoon & chopsticks), to carry with you on your belt or in your bag. They come in many colours, and you choose which material you want your cutlery to have been made of.