Bags - big & small


Bags can come in all shapes and sizes. Here, we have several models, ordered according to how you wear or carry them.


Drawstring Pouches - Crocheted and felted pouches with a drawstring. They come in several sizes and a lot of different colours. They are very, very popular for festival coins (the larger ones with a loop for wearing on the belt), but also for dice, crystals, cards and tabletop game figures.


Belt-Bags - This line consists of little felted bags that close with a flap and a button and can be worn on your belt. It's a smart way to carry your valuables because you can safely carry them close by and easy to access (phone, credit card, keys, etc.). The BeltBags combine great with the Cool&Carry bottleholders,


Shoulder-Bags - Different models of shoulder bags, all crocheted and then felted to make them strong and sturdy and of course for that special look.


EarthBags - A little flat bag with a (vegan) string. It can be used flat or rolled up. Perfect for all kinds of small stuff.